WOD: 10-29-13

WOD:  Death by:

Coaches choice x 2

20 min time limit


Second to last day…

The first step to any challenge is often an often difficult and somewhat curious step.  You may not be entirely sure what to expect from the challenge or from yourself.  The task may appear insurmountable to a degree that you may question whether or not it is pointless.  But like with all things though, time passes, and change is born.  Your labors become fruitful and at some point something your way of thinking becomes different.  What was once a mighty challenge becomes routine and not testing yourself is what actually turns difficult.  That initial step turn into a stride and a stride turn into a sprint.

With just two days until the challenge is over, you stand a more learned individual.  Whether you became aware of how much this change was needed or what you aren’t willing to live without, the knowledge you have obtain has made you more powerful.  This power can become the everlasting effect on your outlook, your capacity, and your health.  Those that didn’t challenge themselves may see this as sensational, but those that lived it will know it as factual.  I applaud your efforts for not just wanting a change, but making one happen.  Let today not be the second to last day of the challenge, but instead nothing other than the norm.

Well done,



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